Spring Hacks

Six Hacks for Spring Home Maintenance


Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to focus on cleaning and home maintenance. After all, tackling home maintenance tasks now will leave you more time to spend with family and friends once that sunny summer weather arrives! Spring home maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. These simple hacks will save you time and energy!

1. Patch gutters with epoxy.

Spring is often when you first start noticing issues with leaky gutters. While a patch kit may be necessary for big holes, you can seal little leaks with just epoxy. Wait for a dry day, scoop the debris out of the gutter, and then squeeze on a generous dab or epoxy. In a pinch, you can even use roofing cement the same way.

2. Spray your lawn mower blades with cooking spray.

Turn your lawn mower over, and carefully clean debris off the blades. Then, give them a generous coat of cooking spray. This will make every lawn mowing session easier this spring, since the moist grass won’t stick to your blades. Remember to apply a new coat of cooking spray every month or so.

3. Buy HVAC filters in bulk.

It’s important to change your HVAC air filter before air conditioning season arrives. But if you just buy one, you’ll have to run to the store again a month later. Buy a whole stack of filters at once, and keep them next to your blower unit. Set a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget to change the filter monthly throughout the summer.

4. Use coil cleaner on your air conditioner.

A dirty air conditioner is an inefficient air conditioner! Instead of spending hours spraying and scrubbing your outdoor condenser unit, just purchase a can of coil cleaner. Follow the instructions on the package for fast and easy cleaning. Usually, you just need to spray the cleaner on, let it foam up and loosen debris, and then watch as it drips off the air conditioner.

5. Clean and freshen drains with vinegar and baking soda.

Don’t wait till your sink clogs to act! This spring cleaning hack will remove debris and grime before your sink clogs, while also alleviating stubborn odors. Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain, and then follow it up with a cup of vinegar. Let it foam up and work its magic; then rinse the drain about an hour later.

6. Clean your window frames with cotton swabs.

To remove stubborn dirt from the grooves around your windows, dip a cotton swab in window cleaner or white vinegar. Then, just run the cotton swab along the crease. Repeat with new, clean cotton swabs until your window sills and frames are spotless. This method also works well for cleaning in and around your refrigerator gaskets.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by home maintenance this spring? Contact Hassle Free Home Services, and discover a smarter, simpler way to care for your home.